I Sort of Have a New Girl

Of course this is not exactly permanent, in fact I can tell from the start that she is not looking at me as a serious thing and I am fine with that, because this girl is obviously trouble of the sort I do not really need. It was pretty obvious to me that she was not my speed when she tried to get me to buy diazepam with paypal for her. I did not know what that meant, but it did not take me very long to figure out that it was a schedule IV narcotic, which means that it does not have as large a problem with abuse as the drugs in schedule III. It is still illegal and I had zero intention of helping her. Obviously she knew that it was illegal and I began to wonder what the deal was. I soon began thinking that she was probably on probation for something else and so I went ahead and asked her.

The answer she gave me did not satisfy me, and the girl knew it. She started to go off on me about something else, but I just smiled and went on with my day. I am still seeing her, but she knows that I am not going to do dumb stuff for her just because we are sort of dating. In fact I do not think that I can trust her very much and so I am being careful. I did a bit of web searching, just like girls do before they date guys. I figured out that she had probably turned state’s evidence on her last boyfriend, who is going to be a guest of the state of South Carolina for another five to ten years. I did not think it would be wise to be around then.