7 More Tips for a Cleaner, Safer Warehouse

Keeping your warehouse clean and safe is essential for both health and safety and for efficient working. There are a few things that you can do to ensure you are always on top of maintenance.

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Using Barriers for Safe Zones

Metal barriers are no longer just for night clubs and festivals! You can use barriers to isolate areas of your warehouse that are not completely safe for staff to be around, like where restricted vehicles such as forklifts are kept. This not only keeps the area clean but health and safety compliant too.

Place High-Demand Stock Closer to Shipping

If there are items in your warehouse that experience higher demand, store them as close to your shipping area as possible. This reduces the need for staff to travel further – a benefit in terms of cleanliness and safety. When you’re looking for Industrial Shelving in Ireland to meet your needs, think about where in your warehouse you need the storage and how often it will be accessed.

Think of the Planet

Recycling is easier than ever before to do these days, and the benefits are many and well documented. Ensuring that recycling points are available throughout the warehouse encourages their use.

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Always Re-evaluate Structure and Procedures

By conducting regular assessments on management structures and processes, you are working to ensure maximum productivity from your task force. For example, if there have been workplace accidents in a particular area and procedures haven’t changed, there is a high likelihood there will be an impact on staff morale.

Always Have the Required Safety Equipment

Your staff should always be equipped with the workwear and tools they need to keep them from harm. This type of equipment should be visible and easily accessed. Open shelving from suppliers like https://www.rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving in high-traffic areas of your warehouse can serve as reminders.

Spillages Should Be Addressed Quickly

Whether it’s oil from machinery or a knocked-over coffee cup, spillages should be cleaned up quickly and efficiently. This is particularly pertinent in the case of liquids that could be damaging to both staff and products, such as fuels or flammables.

Be Optimistic and Motivated

Have a workplace that makes your staff proud. A happy and motivated task force is one that works to implement efficient and safe procedures that help a business.