Five signs that you need an emergency boiler repair

A broken boiler can be very stressful, especially if you have a leak or you don’t have running water in your home.

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Here are five signs that indicate that you need an emergency boiler repair.

Your boiler is over 10 years old

If you have a boiler that is over 10 years old, you should arrange for a professional to look over it. This is because most boilers have a life expectancy of 10 to 13 years, so if it is near the end of its lifespan, some repairs could help it last a little longer. This means that you can wait a while before splashing out on a new boiler.

It is slow to heat up

A clear sign that your boiler needs fixing is if it takes a long time to heat up, or if there is no warmth from the radiators in your home. This can be a serious issue, especially if it happens during the winter, as your home could get very cold. It could also cause further damage, such as frozen or burst pipes.

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There is a strange smell

A strange smell near to the boiler could means that there has been an oil spill or a gas spill. This can be very dangerous, as it could mean that carbon monoxide is leaking into your home, so you should definitely ring a professional to check out the problem.

It is leaking

A water spill or a leak from the boiler could indicate that the heater framework within the boiler is under pressure. So if you notice any water on the floor or gathering close to the base of the boiler, call a professional to fix the problem. This is important even if there is only a small amount of water, as the problem can quickly worsen and cause thousands of pounds of damage to the walls and the floors in your home.

You can hear banging noises from inside the boiler

If you can hear weird noises coming from inside the boiler, it could mean that something is broken inside the boiler. This can also be caused by air in the framework, which could make the boiler vibrate or murmur.