Great ideas to present a diamond ring

Which woman doesn’t enjoy receiving a diamond ring? You can also have a lot of fun thinking up original ways to present the gift of a diamond ring to a loved one. Here are some great ideas to consider.

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Russian doll effect

String out the unwrapping process by packaging the diamond ring in one box that’s then packaged within others. According to Classroom collect together various sizes of gift boxes, and package the ring in the box that’s smallest. Wrap the small box and put it inside the next biggest box, and so on, until you’ve created a Russian doll effect. There’ll be a lot of expectation in the unwrapping, but the end result will be well worth the wait!

Treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is always good fun at the best of times, but when the prize is a diamond ring, it makes it that extra bit special and memorable. You’ll need to spend some time thinking up suitable clues and locations, whether inside at home or in the garden. Don’t make the clues too easy, otherwise the hunt will be over too quickly. Equally, the clues shouldn’t be so hard that the hunt gets stuck, or you end up having to drop hints.

Unexpected recipient

Even if your recipient has chosen a diamond eternity ring, such as from, you can still make the giving of the ring a complete surprise. Instead of handing it over in person, present it from an unexpected source. The ring could be given by a child, friend, waitress in a restaurant, or even your dog!

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A not-so-boring gift

Give the impression that you’re presenting a loved one with a gift that you know they’d probably find a bit boring. Perhaps it might be a practical item for the home, such as a new kettle, mug or toasted sandwich maker. Then, hide the ring inside the item, so they will eventually find it when they begrudgingly start unwrapping their practical present.

A special place

Even if you’re having trouble thinking up inventive ways to present a diamond ring, you can still make the occasion memorable by choosing a place that has special meaning to the recipient. This could be somewhere as simple as their favourite restaurant or place. It might even be the place where you first met or had your first kiss.