Singapore Souvenirs and a Trip to the ER

Imagine being on vacation and breaking your nose and having to find a last minute medical aesthetics in Singapore. Well, that happened to me not to long ago! Oddly enough, finding a medical aesthetics center wasn’t the hardest thing to do in Singapore, explaining how it happened was!

A few years ago, me and my friends went on a spring break trip all the way to Singapore. We stayed at a lavish hotel and had a lot of fun there. It is a beautiful country and everyone is so nice as well. However, one night me and my friends decided to walk along the road to the hotel after a night of dinner. I had fallen and was getting helped back up when my friends bag that was carrying all of the merchandise we had bought from vendors earlier that day smacked me right in the nose. The bag contained clothing, vases, and small figurines that we were taking home with us when we left. I assumed it was just a little knock to my nose and ignored it. The next day, I was in so much pain.

We went to the hospital and told told me that I had broken my nose and was going to need to see a specialist to have it realigned. I thought that was fine, I could do that when we got back from vacation. Turns out, they meant sooner rather than later and explained how bad my nose was. I got referred to a few aesthetic specialists in Singapore through them and was told “Any of them will help you.” So I called around, ended up getting an appointment that afternoon since this was an emergency situation. Going in, the facility was great! The staff was pleasant and the only bad thing was after I explained my situation and what had happened to my nose they couldn’t understand how a bag of merchandise would hit my face so hard that my nose would snap like it did. It wasn’t until I told them we had bought a couple of vases that it made sense to everyone.

Thankfully, the procedure wasn’t hard at all. I was in and out in around 4 hours and was told that afternoon to rest for a couple of days and then come back before we left for the US to make sure my nose was healing fine. Which was perfect since we still had a week left of vacation time! I won’t forget the experience or how well the staff took care of me in that time of need!