My Son Only Wants Good Grades

My son begged me to get him Singapore physics tuition because he didn’t want to lose his streak of having the best grades. My son has always been a hard worker when it comes to school. He studies hard, does all of his homework, and makes excellent grades on his tests and quizzes. Once he started taking physics, his grades were threatened. He couldn’t understand the information that was being taught, and it began to upset him. This was the first time he was having difficulty in a class, and the thought that he might get a bad grade really scared him.

Once my son started getting tutored, things turned around for him. The previously difficult concepts in the physics class had become clearer to him. He was able to make it through his homework assignments and get good grades on his tests and quizzes once again. He was visibly happier because of this. When he was having trouble, I could see the frustration on his face and in his eyes. The stress of trying to do well in that class was not good for him and it was even starting to his affect his ability to sleep. Now he can get a good nights rest again.

Although the problem of physics has been tackled, I suspect that my son may encounter another class that may give him some trouble. At his age, the courses only get more difficult, and the homework gets more intense. I remember when I was around his age, I had a problem with a calculus class. I didn’t have the same kind of help that my son did, but I was able to get through the class. Still, it was a pain to do, and at moments I felt as if I wouldn’t be able to finish it because of how hard it was to understand the concepts. In any case, I can get my son a tutor again if he needs it.