The World’s Best Manicure and Pedicure

I went to a place that has manicure services to get my nails done. Normally I do all of my own filing, cleaning, and nail painting, but I wanted to let someone else do it for a change and give myself a chance to relax. A friend of mine had gone to this place many times and really liked it. She told me that I should give them a chance and I would see how good they are. We decided to go in together to have a manicure and pedicure.

At the nail place, I sat back in the chair while the staff got to work. They were very gentle with their work, and I felt totally relaxed. Normally when I would have to do my own nails, I would be hunched over in my chair, looking at my nails with a magnifying glass while I smoothed out all of the edges and painted the nails with an even coat. While I enjoyed the end results of doing it myself, it was a pretty involved process. I felt as if I could take a nap because it was so peaceful at the nail place.

The pedicure felt really good on my feet. By the time it was all done, my feet felt so soft because of how they removed the dead skin. They put a nice shiny coat on my nails and they did it with such precision. I almost didn’t want to leave the nail place, but I had to get back home. My friend said that she would go with me to the nail place again in the future. I may take some time away from doing my own nails so that I can give the nail place a chance to do it again. They’re work is pretty excellent, and I just love being able to relax. I think I’ll get a foot massage the next time.