I Don’t Want to Be a Rebound Guy Anymore

A friend of mine had broken up with her boyfriend, and I was ready to move in. I had a crush on her for a while, but was never able to do anything about it because of her boyfriend. Once he was out of the picture, I asked her out and she agreed. Everything was going well, until she reunited with her boyfriend, leaving me out cold. I was mad that her boyfriend had come back into the picture again, but I got over it. I decided to contact a Las Vegas escort service for a fun night without my friend.

The date with the escort started with dinner, and we went to a local club for some dancing and drinks. I hadn’t gone to a club in a long time, but not much had changed since the last time I went. While I was in the club, my friend sent me a message saying that she had broken up with her boyfriend again and wanted to know if she could come over. I told her that I was out and she didn’t respond back. I didn’t have time to deal with whatever was going on with her relationship and I wasn’t about to enter the rebound area again.

The night with the escort continued at my home where we had some wine while watching a movie. We weren’t really paying attention to the movie that much because we were having some intimate moments the entire time. Two hours had gone by and the movie stopped playing. Neither one of us knew what happened, so we started watching again, and the same thing happened. We decided to just give up on the movie and keep getting intimate. My friend sent me a text again, but I didn’t look at the message until the next day.