Getting a Leaky Faucet Fixed on the Weekend

About two weeks ago I noticed the faucet in my bathtub was leaking. It started out as a really slow leak and progressively got worse over the next five days. It got so bad that it was nearly impossible to shut the hot water off in the bathtub. Even after turning the knob to the off position the water was still coming out like it was turned on all the way. My husband is not very handy with plumbing issues so we thought it was best to call our plumber in Townsville. We have used this plumber many times in the past so we had no reservations about calling him to come over and fix the leaky faucet.

This particular plumber offers 24/7 emergency service which worked out perfectly for us since we had to call him on a Sunday afternoon. The wait time for him to arrive after placing our call was only two hours, which is very minimal for a weekend service call. After arriving he inspected the leaky faucet and determined what needed to be done to fix it. Fortunately, he had all of the parts necessary in stock on his truck. In less than an hour, he had everything fixed and in perfect working condition.

I was also pleasantly surprised that he cleaned up any mess that was made during the repair. Before leaving, he explained to us in detail exactly what had happened and why. If it had not been for this service call we may not have found out for a very long time that some of the plumbing may need to be replaced sometime in the future. We discussed this and came up with a plan to address this in about a month’s time so that we could financially prepare for the expenses.