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F1: some interesting facts for 2018

Get some conversation starters and interesting facts on F1 this season by reading this brief guide to Formula 1.

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1. Heavyweight champions

In 2017, Formula 1 cars were redesigned to be wider and also faster, by around four seconds, than the cars of 2016.

These changes were an attempt to make the roles of F1 drivers in handling the cars more significant than previous seasons.

However, in 2018, rules changed for the cars to become heavier at a minimum weight of 734 kg, adding 6kg to last year’s regulations.

2. Faster laps

The focus was speed in the 2017 season, and this year has been no different. However, the fastest ever lap recorded in Formula 1 still stands. Set in 2004, the record is currently held by Juan Pablo Montoya, a Colombian driver for Williams. Setting an average speed of over 162mph at Monza in Italy, it is …