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How to Dress a Bay Window

Ever popular in both old and new properties, these windows let in an abundance of light and sunshine and add floor area too as they protrude out. Here we give some ideas on how to work with their angles and curves.

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Different Shapes

Shapes may be canted (a flat front with angled sides), a square bay or a curved bow shape. Triangular bays with two windows also exist.


Shutters are effective and attractive in bow windows. Made to fit precisely, they offer privacy and style. With plantation shutters, the louvres allow you to make adjustments to avoid glare and allow in maximum light as the sun rotates.

Tier-on-tier shutters suit tall bays, while café-style shutters cover just the bottom part of the window. Solid panel shutters are another option: use them in bedrooms to cut out early dawn light, aiding sleep.

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Since these windows are …